Tuesday 10th November 

As most of you may be aware we're now sticking the Amazing Evo Products.Did you know our Evo products are Vegan & cruelty free 🌿🐇 contain no sulphates, parabens, dea, tea, propylene, glycol or gluten! There is no unnecessary ingredients or crazy gimmicks the products just do what they say so basically your hair will feel and look AMAZING. Seriously what more can you ask for in a hair product. Also the slogans on them are hilarious. 

Next time your in ask your stylist about them.


November 202

Its back!! And we've missed it. 
Have you tried Olaplex yet?? Do you know what Oaplex is?? ⁣⁣Olaplex took the hairdressing industry by storm a few years ago, letting us hairdressers push the boundaries of color & hair that little bit further.⁣⁣ 
How does it work - The easiest way to explain olaplex is that everyone’s hair is made up of bonds and these bonds can be broken & damaged by aggressors such as coloring your hair, sun, chlorine and heat appliances etc. The best way it was explained to us was imagine a strand of your hair was a set of ladders and over time each step of the ladders became broken by these aggressors. Well Olaplex fuses these broken bonds (steps) back together ⛓ & repairs them leaving your hair feeling stronger, smoother, silky & more manageable, the more healthy bonds that are in your hair the smoother and shinier it becomes 💎 Olaplex starts rebuilding these bonds from the very first application.⁣⁣
How is it used - In salon we put Olaplex No.1 into your color or bleach before we apply it to your hair and then olaplex No.2 goes on after your color is taken off at the backwash for 10mins. ⁣Olaplex No.3 is your take home treatment which you apply once a week. It will restore your hair's healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting hair structure. ⁣⁣We also do an Olaplex stand alone treatment in salon which will reset your hair to a more healthy state & leave it feeling incredible ❤️ ask us about it!⁣⁣Look out for our Olaplex aftercare Xmas gift packs arriving in salon soon 🎅🏼⁣⁣Any questions or queries drop us a DM

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